Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Activities from Feb 14, 2017 - Make a Valentine

Activities for Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017

  1. Let's make a valentine:
    1. Login to Khan Academy (or create a new account if this is your first time.)
    2. Go to the Valentines project.
    3. Click the Spin-off button and rename your spin-off to include your name (for example, Mary's Valentine).
    4. Change the parameters in the background() function to make the background a different color.
    5. Come on, it's Valentine's Day! Let's make the heart twice as big.  Change the parameters in the triangle() function to 22, 150, 371, 150, 200, 392.  
    6. Change the parameters in the first ellipse() function to 111, 120, 190, 160.
    7. Change the parameters in the second ellipse() function to 282, 120, 190, 160. 
    8. Our message is getting crowded now.  Move "Happy Valentine's Day!" to the center of the heart.  Copy lines 6 and 7 to lines 16 and 17.
    9. Change the parameters of the fill() function on line 16 to make the text white.
    10. Change the parameters of the text() function on line 17 to move the message to the center of the heart.
    11. Oops!  We still have the message at the top.  Comment out line 7 by adding // before the text() function.
    12. Click the Save button.
    13. Beautiful!  Now send me your valentine.  Open a new tab in your browser and log in to your email account. If you can't get into your email, use the contact form at the bottom of this page.
    14. Compose a new message to me.  My email is heidi@gwcnorfolk.org
    15. Add a subject, and start your message with "Here's the valentine I made".
    16. Go back to the tab with Khan Academy.  Click on the Share button.  Highlight the link in the top box. Copy it.  Then paste it into your message to me and send the message.
    17. Send another email with your heart to someone you love!
  2. Learn about the two types of x-y grids.
  3. Create CS Impact Project teams and first tasks.
  4. Work on your activity set in Khan Academy or Codesters.
  5. Project teams meet to work on first tasks.  Use The Gutenberg Project as one possible source for your book or story.

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