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2018-2019 Tuesday Coders Workspace 

Girls Who Code Norfolk Coders Workspace

October 16, 2018

Click on the links below to login to the websites we will work from today:

Order Your GWC T-Shirt (if you haven't done so yet)!

  1. Login to hq.girlswhocode.com.
  2. Click on Celebrate from the left side menu.
  3. Go to the last card in the options > Order your GIRLS CODE shirt.
  4. Fill out the order form, using your home address.
  5. For item #4, put in your Club Code: VA4978.
  6. For item #6, select the option for Club Participant.

Research Your Topic

  1. Visit some websites to learn more about your topic and get ideas for what you’ll make.
  2. Check out the sites on GWC Slover Pinterest Vision Board for Animals at Risk.
  3. Google other authoritative sources.
  4. Write notes about what you’d like your focus to be - birds, mammals, specific animal, local, state, etc.

Lets Code: Learn to Loop!

  1. Go to the Scratch Loop Lesson code.
  2. Follow along with the demo.

Create Your Own Loop

  1. In one tab, login to Scratch
  2. In second tab, login to GWC HQ.
  3. On HQ site, go to Learn > Animations in Scratch > Part 2: Loops
  4. Follow the steps to remix some loop code (using the Control elements).
  5. Save your code as a new file - give it a name.

October 2 & 9, 2018

Click on the links below to login to the websites we will work from today:

Order Your GWC T-Shirt!

  1. Login to hq.girlswhocode.com.
  2. Click on Celebrate from the left side menu.
  3. Go to the last card in the options > Order your GIRLS CODE shirt.
  4. Fill out the order form.
  5. For item #4, put in your Club Code: VA4978.
  6. For item #6, select the option for Club Participant.

Pick a Project! 

  1. Check out the Girls Who Code Project Gallery to see how to some problems and how other clubs worked on them.
  2. For 2 minutes, write down in your notebook as many brief problem ideas as you can think of - don’t judge, just write. 
  3. For 2 minutes, pick out 3 ideas you like best and put them on sticky notes.
  4. Put the sticky notes on the back doors of the room.

  1. For 2 minutes, walk around and read the other ideas your Clubmates had.
  2. Move sticky notes around so that similar ideas or topics are grouped together.
  3. As a group, make sure that everyone is familiar with each of the topics you've found so far.
  1. Vote on your top 3 by putting a dot on the bottom of the sticky note.
  2. Sort out the 3 with the most votes.
  3. Vote on your top 1 from those 
  4. The one with the most votes is your project idea!

Let's Code! 

  1. Create an account in Scratch.  (If you’re 12 or younger, parental approval required to complete account setup.)
  2. Let’s explore Scratch.  Go to hq.girlswhocode.com > Learn > Animations in Scratch > Get Started > Navigate Scratch.
  3. Learn the different parts of the Scratch editor.
  4. On the HQ site, go to Learn > Animations in Scratch > Scratch Basics.
  5. Do the Learn It section.
  6. Do the Explore It section.
  7. Move on to the next card in Animations in Scratch, Part 2: Loops if you’re done.

Let's Code! 

September 25, 2018

Register on Girls Who Code HQ

  1. Check you email for an Invite from GWC HQ.  
  2. Click on the link and follow the instructions to register.
If you didn't get an Invite, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to: https://hq.girlswhocode.com/login
  2. Select the Sign Up option, and enter your email and create a password
  3. Confirm registration via your e-mail.  
  4. If you’re 12 or younger, parents/guardians must confirm separately.  
  5. Log in to the website.  Then press Join Your Club with code: VA4978
Explore the LEARN, PLAN and BUILD activities.

Begin Project Planning with the Community Activity

Look at projects.girlswhocode.com to see what problems other girls are working on.

Do One of the Let's Code! Activities Below

Let's Code! 

September 18, 2018

By Lubaochuan [CC BY-SA 2.0 or CC BY-SA 2.0 ],
from Wikimedia Commons
Work with block-based code in Scratch

  1. Go to scratch.mit.edu.
  2. Register for an account, using your email or sign in if you already have an account.
  3. After you sign in, you'll see several tutorial options.

Are you a Scratch Newbie?
  1. Watch this video on the Scratch screen that tells you how the basic options work.
  2. Once you've logged in, select the Getting Started Tutorial and follow the directions.
  3. If you get stuck, as another girl for help first.
  4. Remember to save your project!

Have you Coded in Scratch Before?
  1. Create a Pong game by following the instructions on the Pong Game Tutorial.
  2. Remember to save your project.

Are You a Scratch Pro?  Remix Last Year's Project
  1. Search for "poetryproject";
  2. Select GWCSlover-Tuesday-PoetryProject;
  3. Click on See Inside.
  4. Once you have the code open, click on Remix in the upper right corner.
  5. Add a sprite to your screen that represents each poem.
  6. Replace the "when _____ key pressed" event for each poem with a "when sprite clicked" event. (Remember to select the sprite the script will be attached to!)
  7. Remember to save your project.

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